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Board and board functions

Every year, SOFv is represented by its board. The board consist of four board members, which are a chair, secretary, treasurer and political chair.

The chairman or chairwoman is the head and representation of SOFv. He/she presides over all the general members assemblies and all the board meetings. Besides, he/she makes sure that all the board members comit to doing their tasks and is the first personal representation of the association.

The secretary is mainly responsible for all the mail adressed to SOFv, whether it is electronic or analogue. You can reach out to the secretary bij and he/she will make sure that your emails will be answered or dealt with. On top of that, the secretary is responsible for the minutes at the general members assembly and the board meetings.

The treasurer makes sure that the finances of SOFv are always positive. The treasurer does the accounting and makes a budget and financial report every year. The treasurer of SOFv also assesses the applications for all subsidies, mainly the group travel subsidy and the stimulance subsidy.

The political chair takes a seat in the University Student Council (USC) on behalf of SOFv. Here, he/she will be the voice of all student associations and represents the associations in the policy of the university. The political chair informs all the associations about the university's policies and takes feedback on the general members assembly. You can find more information about the USC on the relevant heading.

The SOFv board introduces itself on the Dutch part of the website every year.