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University Student Counsil

The University Student Council (USC) is the organ regarding the student participation. The USC contains 14 members which have a saying in the Joint Assemblies (GV; in Dutch: Gezamenlijke Vergadering) with the executive board. Of the 14 members, 8 are elected every year on the student elections and the other 6 are representatives of the umbrella associations, of which SOFv is one. Around every six weeks, the USC and the Work Council (OR; in Dutch: Ondernemersraad) come together with the executive board in the joint assembly. The main policy and documents from the university are discussed here and sometimes the GA has to vote on matters. The members of the USC also take part in committees or work groups which focus on improving the policy of the university with the members of the executive staff. Here, USC-members focus on themes like sustainability, diversity and inclusion, student participation and digitalisation.

If you have feedback for the political chair to adress in the joint assembly, feel free to reach out to